At some point, everything comes to an end, including your lease. Often, drivers believe their only resort is to turn in the keys, but that is simply untrue. At O’Brien Nissan of Bloomington, we’re here to explain your different options, so you can walk through our doors with confidence. If any questions come to your mind, feel free to contact us at 855-315-5251.

Before we dive into anything else, have you seen your lease contract lately? If not, we suggest you find it a few months prior to your visit. If you wish to purchase this Nissan car for its residual value, otherwise known as the “depreciated value,” this document contains the price and information. In addition, we recommend comparing the vehicle’s mileage to your mileage agreement. If you find that you’re over the allotment, don’t worry. You can either cut out unnecessary driving or pay the small per mile charge, whichever works best.

On the last day of your lease, our team members at your local Illinois Nissan dealer will inspect the vehicle for any damages. After that, we’ll sit down to discuss your options and ask how you would like to proceed. Whether you’ve fallen in love with the vehicle and want to buy it for its current value or you’re interested in purchasing another model, we’re here to help. Of course, you can hand in the keys and walk away completely. We leave the decision up to you, no questions asked!

Remember, when your lease ends, you have a few possibilities. From the Nissan Rogue to the Nissan Maxima, we have a variety of different vehicles idling on our lot that you can lease or finance. We look forward to seeing you at our Nissan car dealership near Normal, IL soon.