Here at O’Brien Nissan of Bloomington, we know that cars are getting more technologically advanced every day. In fact, someday your favorite Nissan cars will basically be able to drive themselves. Every automaker is looking for the best way to develop self-driving–sometimes known as autonomous–vehicle technology, but it looks like Nissan engineers have found an unlikely source of inspiration on a red planet.

The Nissan brand is working with the Federal Aviation Administration and NASA to figure out how to build a better self-driving car. The system behind it, known as Seamless Autonomous Mobility, would be used to allow human operators to step in if a self-driving car needs some assistance. Think about how many random conditions you can encounter on a typical commute. There’s sudden inclement weather, bad traffic conditions, and other factors that affect how you drive. This system would borrow the communication, visualization, and robotics tech that NASA uses to communicate with Mars rovers, ensuring that it’s as cutting-edge as vehicle tech can get.

The Seamless Autonomous Mobility system would send video and sensor date to human operators in real time. If a self-driving car runs into something that it may need assistance navigating, a human would step in and let it know what to do. A vehicle could be told to take another route due to construction, or it could be told to slow down a bit if it begins to rain. The Nissan brand is building a smarter autonomous car and we can’t wait to see what they come up with.

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