At O’Brien Nissan of Bloomington, we’re all about celebrating holidays. April itself should be a whole sort of holiday unto itself thanks to the departure of winter and spring coming slowly into full effect. However, April is also National Car Care Month, so if you haven’t started to get your new or used Nissan vehicle ready for spring, then consider getting some things taken care of at our service center that you’d normally put off, like an oil change, because you just can’t find the time to do it.

But think about an oil change. It might be something that doesn’t have very apparent problems if you don’t get it taken care of right away, but if the problem goes untreated for a while, you’re going to see problems in the form of lower gas mileage and increased wear and tear on your engine, which reduces the longevity of your vehicle as a whole. Also, the same sort of thing can happen with transmission fluid, but it’s something that you’re not going to be doing anywhere near as often as changing your oil. However, transmission flushes are also something we offer here as well!

But National Car Care Month isn’t all about fluids. There are parts of your vehicle that need to be replaced regularly, like brake pads, tires, air filters, batteries, and the like. It’s important that when you replace them, that you’re getting original Hyundai equipment to replace the old components. That way, you know you’re getting the best and longest-lasting parts to keep your vehicle going for years to come.

So come into our Bloomington, IL Nissan dealership for the best deals on parts and service. Our dedicated team of mechanics and technicians will make sure that you’re in and out with no hassle, and your Nissan will be leaving pampered and cared for. See you soon!