When the worst happens on the road, you need to be prepared. And at O’Brien Nissan of Bloomington, we make sure that our Normal, IL area customers are just so, even for problems as simple as fixing a flat tire. While our Nissan service center excels in ensuring your vehicle stays in top condition, a flat can happen to anyone at any time, so you need to ensure that you know what to do in that situation.

The worst time to get a flat is while driving. Priority one is always to maintain control of the vehicle while you safely slow to a stop in an area that is out of the way of traffic. From there, you will need to locate the spare kit in your vehicle, which includes a spare tire, tire iron, and a hand-operated scissor jack. First, loosen the tire’s lug nuts with the tire iron, and then screw them off by hand to save time. Then place the jack under the frame of the Hyundai and begin to crank it upwards, lifting it so you can remove the tire. Place the spare, adjusting the height of the jack if needed, and mount the spare tire. Then you can place the lug nuts and hand-screw them in, allowing you to lower the jack and give a final tightening to the lug nuts with your tire iron. Stow the flat in the trunk, and drive to the O’Brien Nissan service center to take care of your vehicle.

Our experts can provide you with a full inspection to make sure nothing else was damaged in the flat, and also provide you with a new tire or wheel if needed, as well as giving you the option of getting a full-sized spare tire, which is far better than the factory-included donut. Be safe out there, and hopefully the next time we see you will be just for routine maintenance.