When you’re taking your family for a vacation, or even just out to dinner, you want to make sure that the vehicle you’re using is as safe as possible. It’s a motivation that drives Nissan to innovate on the current status quo of safety, and it’s culminated in the new suite of safety features called Nissan Intelligent Safety Shield® Technologies, being rolled out across newer and certified pre-owned Nissan vehicles. Going forward, we’re going to see these features become standard on more and more vehicles, so today O’Brien Nissan of Bloomington wants to fill you in on some of these features and how they keep our customers in the Normal, IL area safe.

We’ve all had those moments when we’ve had to unexpectedly stop short because of something that happened outside of our field of vision. Well, with the available Intelligent Forward Collision Warning, you have some measure of heads up. The system scans two vehicles ahead of your own, and when it detects sudden stops, it lets you know via warning signal on your instrument panel and a quick warning noise. It’s like having an extra-long set of eyes that are constantly looking out for you.

In those cases where a forward collision is inevitable, Nissan also helps you out with available Automatic Emergency Braking, which uses the sensors on the front of the vehicle to detect slowing vehicles in front of the car and apply extra braking force if you happen to have missed it or aren’t hitting the brake hard enough. This same principle is extended with Pedestrian Detection, which uses onboard radar to detect pedestrians and prevent horrible accidents.

We’ve only named three functions of Nissan Intelligent Safety Shield Technologies, but there are so many more that all work in tandem to keep you and your loved ones protected. So come into our Bloomington-IL Nissan dealership and take a new 2019 Nissan Rogue out for a test drive to see what these technologies can do for you. See you soon!